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Military Monday: Albert John Rhall

Today's post involves Albert John Rhall who is my second cousin four times removed.  He was the son of Michael Rhall and his wife Mary Elizabeth (nee Connors) and was born in 1897, with his birth registered at Young, New South Wales.  He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on the 5th January 1916.  Albert Rhall died of wounds in France on the 15th May 1917.

First World War Embarkation Rolls - Albert John Rhall

Service Number: 5437

Rank: Private

Roll title: 2 Infantry Battalion - 13 to 23 Reinforcements (December 1915 - November 1916)

Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918

Date of embarkation: 14 April 1916

Place of embarkation: Sydney

Ship embarked on: HMAT Ceramic A40

Source: Albert John Rhall. First World War Embarkation Roll.  Retrieved from

His digitised Embarkation file can be found here

Red Cross Wounded and Missing - Albert John Rhall

Service Number: 5437

\Rank: Private

Unit: 54th Battalion

Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918

Source: Albert John Rhall.  Red Cross Wounded and Missing.  Retrieved from

His digitised Red Cross Wounded and Missing File can be found here

Transcript from his Red Cross Wounded and Missing File:

54th Battn. Rhall.

A.I.F. Pte. A.J.   5437.

‘Died of Wounds’.

Pte. Rhall arrived in a state of collapse, being wounded in the right arm and abdomen.  He recovered sufficiently to gain consciousness and received the last sacraments of the Church with great piety and resignation.  I understand I have written to his friends.  He was quite happy and appeared to suffer very little actual pain.  He was buried in Grevillers Military Cemetery.  The grave is well cared for and cross and inscription of durable material over the grave.

Letter from:-
The R.C. Chaplain.
3rd C. C. Station.
20.7.17. S. 

Transcript from his Red Cross Wounded and Missing File:

54th Battalion, A.I.F. RHALL, A.J.
Private No.5437.
‘Died of Wounds, 15.5.17”.
 Informant described Rhall as about 5’10” high, medium build, inclined to dark complexion, curly hair, aged about 20/21.  Thought to have come from Wyalong and to have been a tinsmith by trade.  Left Australia with Informant per Ceramic 1916.
Informant states that they both belonged to “B” Company, Lewis Machine Gun Section.  On 15.5.17 the Battalion was at Bullecourt in action, having been attacked by the enemy.  At about 1p.m. Rhall and about eight others were hit by a pineapple bomb.  When he was wounded Informant was standing talking to him as they were both on the one gun.  Informant himself was slightly wounded by the bomb.  Rhall spoke to him after he was wounded and seemed in good spirits.. He was taken to Bapaume Dressing Station on a stretcher and Informant heard that he died either that night or the following morning.  He was buried at Bapaume and some of Informant’s mates told him that they had seen his grave there.  Rhall was the only one hit by the bomb who died of his wounds.
Informant added that Rhall was thought a great deal of, and that every man in the Company liked him.
Informant:- Lance-Corporal M.B. Aughtie, No. 5330,
B. Company, 54th Battalion.
Home Address:- Victoria Street, Hay, N.S.W.
No. 4, Australian General Hospital,

Transcript from his Red Cross Wounded and Missing File:

A.I.F. RHALL A.J.  Pte.
54th Battalion. No.5437.
“Died of Wounds 15.5.17.”
Informant described Rhall as about 5 ft 8 inches high, medium build, fair complexion, aged about 23/24.
Informant states that they both belonged to Headquarters Staff, Rhall being a Lewis Machine Gunner.  On 15.5.17 the Battalion was holding the line to the right of Bapaume, River Somme.  About 4 p.m. Rhall and Informant were at a Machine Gun together with four other chaps when a shell landed quite close to them and hit three of the party including Rhall.  Informant saw him fall.  The stretcher bearers took him away to a Dressing Station and the gun was left by the other men for the time being.  Rhall did not speak to anyone after being hit.  Later on Informant heard that he died the same evening.  He was buried near by but Informant did not see the grave.
Informant added that Rhall was a “bonnie kid” and one of the best.  He was well liked by his mates.
Informant:- Lance-Corporal H. Lill, No. 2177.
Headquarters Lewis Guns, 54th Battalion.
Present address:_ “Graythwaite”, Convalescent Hospital.
Home address:- “Chesterton”, Bank Street, Lithgow.
Graythwaite Convalescent Hospital, SYDNEY.

Source: Albert John Rhall.  Red Cross Wounded and Missing.  Retrieved from

Roll of Honour - Albert John Rhall

Service Number: 5437

Rank: Private

Unit: 54th Battalion (Infantry)

Service: Australian Army

Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918

Date of death: 15 May 1917

Place of death: France

Cause of death: Died of wounds

Age at death: 20

Place of association: Young New South Wales, Australia

Cemetery or memorial details: Grevillers British Cemetery, France

Source: AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army

Source: Albert John Rhall.  Roll of Honour.  Retrieved from

Digitised copy of his National Archives of Australia Service File is here


Service No:
Date of Death:
Australian Infantry, A.I.F.

54th Bn.
Grave Reference
III. A. 2.
Additional Information:
Son of Michael and Mary Elizabeth Rhall of Young. New South Wales.

Source: Albert John Rhall.  Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  Retrieved from,%20ALBERT%20JOHN

Source: The Young Witness. (1917, May 25). Young Witness (NSW : 1915 - 1923), p. 2. Retrieved October 22, 2013, from



The Very Rev. Father Hennessy received a cable from the Base Records on Thursday stating that No. 5437 Pte. A.J. Rhall of the 54th Battalion died on 15th May.  The cable added:-Please inform Mr. M. Rhall, of Back Creek Road, Young, and convey to him the regret and sympathy of their Majesties the King and Queen and the Commonwealth Government the great loss the army has sustained by the death of a gallant soldier.

Source: NEW SOUTH WALES. (1917, June 5). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved October 21, 2013, from
Pte. THOMAS McNAIR HARVEY, Yass, 16/5/17.
Pte. ALBERT BAXTER, Whitton, 16/5/17.
Pte. ALFRED GEORGE STEPHENS, Lindfield, 8/5/17.
Pte. JOSEPH GIFFORD BROAD, Mosman, 3/5/17.
Pte. ROBERT PETER PADROTH, Annandale, 3/5/17.
Pte. CHAS. HENRY HANCOCK, Redfern, 3/5/17.
Pte. ROWLAND FENTON, Camperdown, 3/5/17.
Pte. WM. DAVID JACKSON, Clarencetown, 3/5/17.
Pte. WM. JOHN MOTT, England, 3/5/17.
T.-cpl. JOHN ROY WAGHORN, Petersham, 3/5/17.
Pte. JOS. GRAEME TRAIN, Summer Hill, 3/5/17.
Dvr. JAS. RICKS, Burwood, 3/5/17.
Pte. ROBERT WM. OSMOND, Bethanga (V.), 3/5/17.
L.-sgt. HERBERT GLENMORE ATFIELD, Smithfield, 3/5/17.
L.-sgt. REGINALD ARTHUR BYFIELD, Cassillis, 3/5/17.
T.-cpl. JOHN MURDOCH McLEOD, S. Brunswick (V.), 3/5/17.
Pte. WM. WARD, Redfern, 3/5/17.
Pte. FRED'K CHAS. MILLIN, Redfern, 3/5/17.
Pte. JOHN CLYTH McLOUGHREY, Darlington, 3/5/17.
Pte. ARTHUR GEO. CAMERON, Chatswood, 3/5/17.
Cpl. JAS. NELSON CHAPMAN, Bundarra, 3/5/17.
Pte. CHAS. CROMACK, Grafton, 3/5/17.
Sgt. FRED'K E. ECKERSLEY, Brisbane (Q.), 3/5/17.
Pte. DANIEL BEDE O'KEEFE, Cootamundra, 2/5/17.
Pte. WM. HORACE PARSONS, Drummoyne, 2/5/17.
Pte. SYDNEY JAS. STONESTREET, Marrickville, 2/5/17
Pte. JAS. THOS. MUDIE, Gilgandra, 2/5/17.
Cpl. ALAN STEAD, England, 2/5/17.
L.-cpl. CLARENCE JOHN WELLARD, Gloucester, 2/5/17.
Pte. JOHN KILMARTIN, Upper Macedon (V.), 2/5/17.
L.-cpl. CLIFFORD LAWTON, England, 2/5/17 (p.r.w.)
Pte. ALFRED JAMES CLIFTON, Ultimo, 2/5/17.
Pte. JOHN FRANCIS HEALY, Marrickville, 2/5/17.
Pte. WM. EWART DIXON, Narrandera, 2/5/17.
Pte. JAS. WM. DALTON, England, 2/5/17.
Pte. MICHAEL LARKIN, Woolloomoloo, 2/5/17.
Pte. EDGAR MURRAY LANE, Ryde, 2/5/17.
Pte. GEO. JOHN MAXWELL WEBB, Pyrmont, 1/5/17.
Pte. GRATTAN BRENNAN, Hurlstone Park, 3/5/17.
Pte HERBERT ALBERT KELLY, Mongarlowe, 5/5/17.
Dvr. ARGYLE PATTERSON, Thornleigh, 14/5/17.
Gnr. RICHARD LYALL LYONS, Surry Hills, 5/5/17.
Pte. RICHARD ERNEST ROYCE, Hyde Park, 13/5/17.
Pte. EDWARD HENRY O'REILLY, Goulburn, 14/5/17.
Pte. PERCY FREEMAN, Parramatta, 18/5/17.
Pte. GEO. CHRISTMAS HEINECKE, Tumbarumba, 15/5/17.
Pte. PATRICK SHIELDS, Scotland, 12/5/17.
Pte. ARTHUR HENRY BURRGRAM, Cooks Hill, 10/5/17
Pte. DAVID STEEL WALKER, Scotland, 14/5/17.
Pte. WILLIAM KENNY, Oaklands, 14/5/17.
Pte. CHAS. GORDON GILLHAM, Moore Park, 23/5/17
(previously reported dangerously wounded).
Pte. CYRIL CHAS. KAY, Moree, 13/5/17.
Pte. PATRICK LYONS, Ireland, 5/5/17.
Pte. MARTIN NEWMAN, Hay, 14/5/17.
Pte. WM. JOHN McGUINESS, Howard (Q.), 6/5/17.
Pte. CHAS. EDWIN PHILLIPS, England, 5/5/17
(previously reported wounded).
Pte. RODNEY JOHN STUBBING, England, 6/5/17
(previously reported wounded).
Pte. GEO. WING GILBERTHORPE, Manly, 6/5/17.
Pte. STANLEY HAROLD FIDGE, Ganmain, 6/5/17.
Pte. ALLAN LESLIE WALLACE, St. Peters, 14/5/17.
Gnr. HENRY GUTHARDT, New Zealand, 15/5/17.
\L.-cpl. BASIL HORACE SWANE, Chatswood.
Pte. ROBT. HENRY WEIR, Parkes, 22/5/17 (p.r.ill).
Pte. ARTHUR HERBERT SMITH, Moree, 15/5/17.
Pte. ALBERT JOHN RHALL, Young, 15/5/17.
Pte. VERNALD PERCIE HARDIE, Portland, 15/5/17.
Pte. FREDK. THOMAS BENNETT, St. Peters, 15/5/17.
Pte. PATRICK MARA, Kyogle, 13/5/17.
Pte. LESLIE BROWNING PEARSON, Brewarrina, 18/5/17 (prev. rep. ser. ill).
Pte. WM. BARRETT, Syndey, 19/5/17.
Sgt. CHARLES RUSSELL TONKIN, England, 17/5/17
(prev. rep. dang. ill).
Spr. WM. HANLON FISHER, Manly, 18/5/17 (result of accident).

Source: 307th LIST. (1917, June 8). The Land (Sydney, NSW : 1911 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved October 21, 2013, from

Source: Family Notices. (1917, June 22). Young Witness (NSW : 1915 - 1923), p. 5. Retrieved October 21, 2013, from

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Source: Family Notices. (1919, May 16). Young Witness (NSW : 1915 - 1923), p. 2 Edition: LATEST EDITION. Retrieved October 22, 2013, from

NSW BDM Birth Index


Source: NSW BDM Birth Index.  NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  Retrieved from


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