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Off and on breaks!

It has been some time between posts lately, mainly due to life being full on with family commitments and health issues.  My fiftieth year has proved to be an interesting one, to say the least!  I broke my left ankle in late February, which slowed me down considerably (or so I thought at the time) and took longer than I thought it would to recover fully, but finally last month I was back to doing more things and ticking items off my very long to do list!  Then nearly two weeks ago I ended up with a tibial plateau fracture on my left leg after an accident involving a car and a metal fence with me pinned between the two.  I was extremely lucky to come away from that with just the fracture and bruising and am very grateful to still be around, as it could have easily been a different story.  As the fracture was not displaced I have not had to have surgery but I do have a rather uncomfortable ankle to groin leg brace with a 30 degree movement restriction and am non weight bearing for the nex