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Trove Tuesday: Money found!

I was doing some research into my 4th great grandfather William Bell and came across the following advertisement by him. Source: Advertising (1860, October 29). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), , p. 8. Retrieved from Transcript: NOTICE. - The Friends of WILLIAM BELL, of The Shamrock Inn, near Berrima, are hereby informed that neither himself nor any member of his family are in any way connected or related to WILLIAM BELL, of Sutton Forest, farmer ; nor does William Bell, of The Shamrock Inn, know anything about the money found by a William Bell, except what appeared as a police case in the Goulburn papers. WILLIAM BELL, Shamrock Inn, near Berrima.  22nd October. Curious about the case I found the following information: Source: LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL. (1860, September 26). Goulburn Herald (NSW : 1860 - 1864), , p. 2. Retrieved from Transcript: SUSPICIOUS CAS