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Spring Cleaning!


New developments

Sorry the blog has taken a backseat the last couple of weeks, we have been busy with spring cleaning, gardening, my husbands health issues and the grandchildren.  There have been some new exciting developments genealogy wise though!  My mother finally agreed and has done an Ancestry DNA test!  I really appreciate her doing so and am currently very impatiently awaiting her results as I am hoping they will give more insight into the Stevens line of my family, of which I presently have more questions than answers. If only one could time travel to talk to and DNA test our ancestors!  The DNA would probably reveal more than the talking with some of my ancestors though as they did guard their secrets fiercely! New contact has been made recently with some extended family members that has proved very informative and is always welcomed.  I have also been continuing to work on figuring out where my DNA matches fit in my tree and adding the new information to my trees which is proving to be very