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Jinx (25/12/2007-29/4/2021)

 We sadly lost our gorgeous Jinxie this week, from liver and kidney failure.  Jinx was a much loved family member and the house is not the same without him.  A drive in 2007 with our then teenage daughter ended up with us bringing home an adorable, very active ginger kitten who quickly had the whole family enchanted with him, even our dogs at the time Toby and Charlie.  He was the sweetest boy and loved attention from everyone!  Our son was devoted to him too and after our daughter left home Jinx had him totally under his control which continued until the very end of his life. My favourite memory of Jinx is from when we babysat a lamb for a couple of weeks.  Charlie and Jinx who were both quite young at the time, thought it was a wonderful new friend and played happily outside with him for hours each day.  Their new friend even came with an added bonus as they would both help clean up his face after he had his bottled milk feeds.   Jinx grew into a very gentle, extremely fluffy, big ca