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More Ancestry Ethnicity Inheritance results

This post involves the new Ancestry Ethnicity Inheritance feature again.  As a result of both my Mother and I having had our DNA tested through Ancestry I was able to compare the estimates we received with this feature.  The results we received were as follows: Ancestry Ethnicity Inheritance estimates for Tracy Drake, April 2022 Source: My Mothers results My Mother's Ancestry Ethnicity Inheritance estimate, from April 2022. Source:  

The new Ethnicity Inheritance on Ancestry

 The new Ethnicity Inheritance feature on Ancestry is live and it was fun to compare my husbands results with mine.  Phil has a much more colourful and diverse heritage than me, as is evident from these results.  Ancestry Ethnicity Inheritance for Tracy Drake, April 2022 Source:   Ancestry Ethnicity Inheritance for Philip Drake, April 2002 Source:

Monday's Mystery: The fate of Marie Rose Donnelly nee Thomson

My son Matthew has recently come over to the dark side and is currently studying for his Diploma of Family History, which of course has made me very happy! While researching for a recent assignment he uncovered new information on my Grandfathers first wife Marie Rose Thomson who was known as Rose or Rosie to her loved ones. I have previously posted mentioning her  here ,  here ,  here  and  here . Matt wanted to find out what happened to Rose after her marriage to his Great Grandfather Mervyn James Donnelly and he has allowed me to share some of his findings.  He found that the information that I had been given on Rose's fate by her extended family members some years ago was incorrect.  I had been told she died in the 1940's, but her parents death certificates and Family Notices in the newspapers do not reflect this as being fact.  In fact she is not listed on either parents death certificate as being deceased prior to their deaths and they died in the late 1950's and early

Happy Easter!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Easter!  Unfortunately it has been a while between posts due to a myriad of things going on here at the moment! A household of nine people is a busy place normally but when you throw in another round of household Covid (which decided to infect a new person every week for over a month), a new Labrador puppy and major house renovations into the mix, it is even busier!  The house now has a new traffic flow upstairs and a new bedroom, but the really big changes do not start in earnest until next month, just in time for winter!   I have not been totally idle when it comes to my genealogy research though!  My private and public family trees have been getting some serious attention and the mountain of research that has needed filing properly is almost done.  I also recently helped one of my cousins locate her biological grandmothers grave in Melbourne; which had been impacted by an unfortunate transcription error, that thankfully has now been rectified