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Old Family Photogragh: Mr and Mrs Donnelly

Today's family photograph is of my parents on their Wedding day in 1966.  Dad is no longer with us but love remains 💕

Sandgate Cemetery - Virtual Records Online

It has been very busy around here lately and so my blog has sadly taken a back seat for a couple of weeks!  Life has settled down again now and so I should be back researching and posting more often from now on! While researching on Friday I discovered that Sandgate Cemetery in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia now has virtual online records with photographs.  As I have quite a few relatives buried in this cemetery and little chance of getting to it anytime soon this is a very much appreciated improvement. 😊 Among my family buried there are the following: My Great Grandfather John Joseph Donnelly who sadly does not have a headstone yet!  is here .  More posts concerning him can be found here , here , here , here , here , here  and here . My Great Grandmother Bridget Donnelly nee Lambert is here . She was once engaged to Henry Lawson and a number of his works were inspired by her including 'The Free-Selector's Daughter'. More posts involving her can be foun