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Trove Tuesday: Empire Day.

Today's article mentions my great grandparents John Joseph Donnelly, his wife Bridget Anastasia Donnelly (nee Lambert) and their son Mervyn Donnelly (my grandfather).  John Donnelly was the teacher at Fernleigh School at the time of this newspaper article. Source: EMPIRE DAY. (1923, May 31). Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954), , p. 6. Retrieved from Transcript: EMPIRE DAY. FERNLEIGH CELEBRATIONS. Fernleigh was en fete on Empire Day.  Celebrations were held at the local school.  The weather was ideal, and Fernleigh school has to its credit the honour of holding the most successful picnic that has ever taken place locally.  Members of the Parents and Citizens Association and an enthusiastic gathering of parents, friends, and visitors were present. The mornings proceedings began by the forming of a hollow square round the flagpole by the school pupils (who were assembled by the teacher, Mr. J.J. Donnelly).  T

Toby (8/12/2001 - 26/6/2016)

Last night our much loved, beautiful family member Tobias Algernon Drake better known as Toby passed away.  He was a wonderful dog, loving, loyal, mischievous,naughty and thoroughly devoted to us as we were to him.  He was also one of the dirtiest little dogs I have ever met and absolutely hated being clean.  We would bath him and as soon as he could he would go outside, roll in the dirt and his own pee until he was happy with his level of dirt and smell again.  We were privileged to have him our lives for the last fifteen years and will always love and miss him.

Trove Tuesday: Finger Post School Picnic

Running a bit late this week so my Trove Tuesday is more like Trove Thursday! Today's article involves the Finger Post School picnic held in 1907.  My great grandfather John Joseph Donnelly was the school teacher at Finger Post at the time and is mentioned in the article, along with his wife, my great grandmother Bridget Anastasia Donnelly (nee Lambert). Source:FINGER POST SCHOOL PICNIC (1907, August 19). Wellington Times (NSW : 1899 - 1954), , p. 3. Retrieved from Transcript: FINGER POST SCHOOL PICNIC (From a Correspondent). On Saturday last, 17th instant, the School Picnic passed off very successfully.  Games were indulged in throughout the day, besides various races for old and young, no charge being made to enter any race.  Mr. Johnson was the winner of the Old Buffers' race, the prize being 50lb of flour. The Turk's Head contest was a very interesting game to all present.  A tin was placed on top of

New South Wales Government Gazettes: Miss B. Lambert

Today's post is about my great grandmother Bridget Anastasia Lambert, who was a school teacher in New South Wales in the 1890's. \ Source: Government Gazette Appointments and Employment (1898, August 26). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), , p. 6832. Retrieved from Transcript: Department of Public Instruction,  Sydney, 23rd August, 1898. The Public Service Board has approved of the transfer of the following teachers to the schools specified in connection with their respective names :- Miss B. Lambert, from Eulomogo to Illaro Provisional, as Teacher. Source:  Government Gazette Appointments and Employment (1898, November 18). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), , p. 9067. Retrieved from Transcript: Department of Public Instruction,  Sydney, 17th November, 1898. The Public Service Board

Old Family Photograph: Roy and Marie Stevens

As it was the seventy third anniversary of my grandparents wedding this week I thought that I would post this photograph of them taken in the 1940's. Roy Thomas Stevens and his wife Glennie 'Marie' (nee Battye)