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My Ancestry DNA results are in!

My husband ended up ordering an Ancestry DNA kit for me and the results came in yesterday!  I was surprisingly impatient with it all and the longer it took in the analysis phase the more convince I was that it had failed.  The wait which was not really that long at all (Ancestry received my completed DNA kit on September 30th and I had the results online on the 19th October) however did give me time to further evaluate how I would handle surprise relatives or unexpected results, which can and does happen but did not so far in my case.  My husband did however have two unexpected close family connections, we reached out and one replied who was searching for a biological parent after getting unexpected results themselves a couple of years ago.  Together we went through my husbands tree and found the likely connection and last we heard they were having more testing done to establish the exact nature of their relationship. The stress, emotional turmoil and unpredictability of people’s react