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Christmas 2021

Well Christmas is over for another year and I hope that it was a wonderful one for all!  We had an unusual Christmas this year as our daughter tested positive to Covid at the end of the school year.  She is a teacher and is double vaccinated, but still caught covid.  So our household of nine people had to isolate due to her positive status and all of us being her close contacts.   This was not the end of the year that any of us expected!  Thankfully I had ordered Christmas presents online early this year and all but three items arrived before the day!  Some scrambling had to be done quickly to sort out alternatives, but where there is a will there is a way.  We were all determined that Covid was not going to ruin Christmas, especially for the grandchildren.  Ultimately online ordering and contactless home delivery saved Christmas for us all and we are eternally grateful to all of those who assisted us during this time.   Christmas Eve was spent waiting for our day six covid test result

Engagement Notice for William Allardyce Martin and Violet Helen Marguerite Murray

  Today's post concerns the engagement of my husband's paternal Grandparents William Allardyce Martin and Violet Helen Marguerite Murray in Singapore in July 1927. The engagement is announced between William Allardice, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Martin, of Scotland, and Violet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Harvey Murray, of Singapore. Source: NewspaperSG.  The Straits Times, 29 July 1927, Page 8.  Retrieved from