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Charlie (16/4/2007 - 6/10/2020)

 On Tuesday this week our beautiful Charles Cuthbert Drake, better known as Charlie passed away due to heart failure.  He was the most gentle, loving family member, friend and companion.  He was meant to be our daughters dog (she got him with her birthday money when she was sixteen) but two days later my husband and Charlie had totally bonded with each other and it stayed that way until the end.  My husband had been medically retired from the Australian Army in 2006 after twenty two years of service and Charlie arrived in his life at just the right moment for him and all of us.  Earlier this year he seemed to step back and let our other dog Isabella lead with the support duties instead, passing the baton so to speak but maintaining a close watch to make sure she did everything right.  He passed away peacefully in my husbands arms on Tuesday morning, tended to by an amazing caring veterinarian and surrounded by love. We were blessed to have him in our family, he will be greatly missed a