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John Joseph Donnelly - Sweet Briar Public School

My great grandfather John Joseph Donnelly was the teacher at Sweet Briar and Balfour public schools in 1917. Source: SWEET BRIAR. (1917, January 17). Lithgow Mercury (NSW : 1898 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved from Transcript: SWEET BRIAR. SCHOOL CLOSED (From a Correspondent.) Haymaking is in full swing here.  The weather during the past wekk has been ideal for getting in the crops.  A considerable quantity of hay has been destroyed by the heavy rains of a little while back. The Department of Education has closed the Sweet Briar and Balfour schools on account of small attendance, and the teacher Mr. Donnelly, has received notice of his appointment as assistant in the first-class public school at Erskinville, Sydney.  Mr. Donnelly has put in five years here and he richly deserves his good fortune.  The appointment means promotion in his profession and financially, and he is to be congratulated. 

Old Family Photograph: Everhardus Cornelis August Filip Noya

Today's photograph is of my husbands Opa, Everhardus Cornelis August Filip Noya who I have made a previous post about here .  The photograph was apparently taken in the 1940's.  The original was damaged but luckily for us our daughter is very good with photograph restoration and was able to repair it.

Birth Notice: Everhardus Cornelis August Filip Noya

Today's birth notice is for my husbands Grandfather Everhardus Cornelis August Filip Noya.  The son of August Felix Wilhelmus Noya and his wife Eliza Euphemia Stephanie Van Maanen, he was born on the 6th July 1915 in the Dutch East Indies.  They also placed an advertisement thanking M. Deiss for the care and treatment during childbirth. Source:"Familiebericht". "Bataviaasch nieuwsblad". Batavia, 07-07-1915.  Retrieved from

Death Notice: Mattheus Cornelis Everhardus Van Maanen

Today's post concerns my husbands Great Great Grandfather Mattheus Cornelis Everhardus Van Maanen who died on the seventh of April, 1904 in the Dutch East Indies. Source: "Familiebericht". "Bataviaasch nieuwsblad". Batavia, 11-04-1904. Retrieved from

Engagement Notice: Eliza E.S. Van Maanen & August F.W. Noya

Today's engagement notice is for my husbands Great Grandparents Eliza E.S. Van Maanen and August F. W. Noya in 1913 in the Dutch East Indies. Source: Familiebericht". "Bataviaasch nieuwsblad". Batavia, 10-05-1913.  Retrieved from

Trove Tuesday: Sweet Briar Public School

Today's article involves my Grandfather Mervyn Donnelly and his brother Frederick Donnelly.  At the time of this article Mervyn would have been ten years old, while Fred would have been fourteen years old. Source: EMPIRE DAY IN THE DISTRICT. (1915, May 28). Lithgow Mercury (NSW : 1898 - 1954), p. 6. Retrieved from Transcript: SWEET BRIAR, Wednesday. Empire Day was celebrated here by the parents and residents at the Sweet Briar Public School.  The celebrations were the most successful that have been held here for years past in spite of the unfavorable weather.  Very little time was taken up in speeches and songs, but a few words appropriate to the occasion were addressed to the children, who sang a couple of patriotic songs, etc., and cheered our Sovereign, and the gallant King of the Belgians.  The rest of the day was given over to picnicking.  A friendly game of cricket was played between visitors of the Brisbane Valley a

Old Family Photographs: My parents Wedding

Today's photographs are to celebrate the fact that this month would of marked my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Unfortunately my father passed away a couple of years ago and is no longer with us but love remains.

Death Notice: August Felix Wilhelmus Noya

Today's death notice is for my husbands great Grandfather August Felix Wilhelmus Noya.  He died on the 11th October 1934 in the Dutch East Indies aged forty seven. Source: "Burgerlijke Stand van Batavia.". "Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indië". Batavia, 24-10-1934. Retrieved from

Marriage Notice: August Felix Wilhelmus Noya & Eliza Euphemia Stephanie Van Mannen

Today's marriage notice is for my husbands Great Grandparents August Felix Wilhelmus Noya and Eliza Euphemia Stephanie Van Maanen who were married on the 11th February 1914 in the Dutch East Indies. Source: "Familiebericht". "Bataviaasch nieuwsblad". Batavia, 04-02-1914. Retrieved from

Birth Notice: William A.J. Martin

Today's birth notice is for William Allardyce James Martin who is my husbands Uncle. MARTIN. - On Feb. 18, 1929, at the Maternity Hospital, Penang, to Mrs Martin (nee Violet Murray) wife of Mr. W.A. Martin, a son. Source: The Straits Times, 23 February 1929, Page 9.  Retrieved from Unfortunately William did not have a very long life as he died in Barrow-in-Furness, England in 1934 aged five.

Death Notice: Dorothy Murray

Today's death notice is for Dorothy Murray (also known as Dolly) who is my husbands great Aunt. DOROTHY MURRAY Beloved daughter of Mrs H. Murray passed away at the General Hospital.  Cortege leaving G.H. Mortuary at 3:45 p.m. for Cathedral of the Good Shepherd 4 p.m. Source: The Straits Times, 25 October 1954, Page 6.  Retrieved from

'Precious Cargo' by Carlene Winch-Dummett

Searching the internet for more information on my family tree I came across the following book 'Precious Cargo' by Carlene Winch-Dummett (see here ) which concerns my 5th Great Grandparents Mary Turner (also known as Wilks/Wilkes) and David Batty who were First and Third Fleet convicts. It is very interesting and I recommend that those interested and/or related to them give it a read. Thanks to this book I now know that Mary had a son John in August 1791 whilst on Norfolk Island (father unnamed) who did not survive.  Mary's time at Norfolk Island has been a bit of a mystery for me so any new information on her time there is extremely valuable and very appreciated.

Trove Tuesday: Sweet Briar

Today's article involves my paternal Grandfather Mervyn James Phillip Donnelly.  Mervyn who was also known as James or Jim was a talented writer, musician and artist.  According to family stories he would use these skills to help supplement his income when older.  My father who was only twelve months old when his father died in 1943, was told by the local publican when he was older, that when he was alive they never saw Mervyn without a book or notebook on him.  Unfortunately very few of his written works have survived, we have some of his poems but many of his notebooks and written works were thrown out when he died.  My grandmothers brother who was very good friends with Mervyn managed to save some of these apparently, but most of them were thrown out when he died many years later as his family did not know what they were.  I was told some years ago however that some have survived and are being held safe by his descendants. An interesting fact relating to this article is that my