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Back from Covid Lockdown 2021

It has been a while since my last post as I have been busy helping out with the grandchildren’s home schooling during our latest Covid 19 lockdown and so genealogy has taken a backseat.  Living multi generationally has definitely had some advantages, making it easier for us to deal with some of the issues caused by the restrictions during this time.  Many of our restrictions were lifted last week and after one week back at school, school holidays have now started so I should be back posting a bit more often now. Home schooling for us was a positive experience given the circumstances, the grandchildren worked very well at their tasks and we received great support from their teachers and school.  The children really enjoyed their morning zoom roll call with their teacher and class each day, as they missed them all very much.  After that finished we would work through the tasks that their teachers had set, plus a few extra activities, with breaks for snacks and lunch before finishing with