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Daniel Sugrue/Sugrie/Sughrue/Sughrie/Shaugheron/Shoughron

Today's post contains more information I have found that I believe relates to my step 4th Great Grandfather (previous posts mentioning him can be found here , here and here ). From Daniel's Death registration transcription (see below) I learned that he had been in New South Wales for over 42 years.  This leads to an arrival date around 1834 and so I went off to see what I could find.  Ultimately I found a convict transported to Australia for seven years on board the ship Blenheim named Daniel Sugrue/Sugrie in 1834.  I do believe this is the Daniel I was looking for and will put forward what I have found that leads me to believe this below.  Now I may very well be wrong with this and if I am, know that I am always open to amending any errors. Unfortunately I sometimes do make mistakes even though I try very hard not to! Source: Transcription of the NSW Death Registration for Daniel Shoughron Index No. 6593/1876. Received from NSW Family History Transcriptions  https://nswtrans

New transcriptions, new leads!

Well here I go writing this post for the second time after accidentally deleting it when it was almost finished and not being able to retrieve it as auto save had saved the deleted version 🤦‍♀️ On Thursday I received two transcriptions I had ordered from NSW Family History Trancriptions .  The first was the NSW BDM Marriage Registration for Daniel Sugrue and Ellen Pierce, alias Sullivan and the second was the NSW BDM Death Registration for Daniel Shoughron.  Ellen is my 4th Great Grandmother and Daniel was her second husband, making him my step 4th Great Grandfather.  Please note I have previously posted about them here and here . While I do personally prefer to have certified copies of certificates it is just not economically viable for me to get all of the certificates on my genealogy wish list this way. Therefore I have decided that for all non direct line relatives in New South Wales that I will order transcriptions in future.  I will also be ordering them for direct line New Sou

Sideline Project: More burials at Wagragobilly Cemetery

This post continues on with my sideline project on burials at Wagragobilly Cemetery. Aubrey Naughton Died 7th May 1935 (see headstone photograph here ) Sadly Aubrey is one of the children buried at Wagragobilly cemetery.  He was only nine years old when he died and had been in failing health for some time prior to his death apparently.  Born in 1925 he was the son of Aubrey James Naughton and his wife Annie née Boon. Source: OBITUARY (1935, May 9). The Gundagai Independent (NSW : 1928 - 1939), p. 5. Retrieved from Transcript: OBITUARY AUBREY NAUGHTON Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Naughton, of Wagragobilly, suffered a severe blow on Tuesday night last, when their younger son, Aubrey, passed away.Next Wednesday would have been Aubrey’s tenth birthday.   He was a cheerful little chap, and a great favourite with everyone.   For years he has been in delicate health, and during the past year he has been continually under medical treatment.The funeral on Wed

Old Family Photograph: Roy Thomas Stevens

 Thirty two years ago today my wonderful Grandfather Roy Thomas Stevens died in Cootamundra, New South Wales.  He was a wonderful man and I have many precious memories of him.  He loved fishing and Batemans Bay was a favourite holiday destination for him and my Nan. He is greatly missed and dearly loved. Roy Thomas Stevens (b.1923 - d.1989)