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DNA Testing update

Well I may have been procrastinating about exploring my genealogy through DNA but my husband wasn’t! After we talked about it he unbeknownst to me ordered an Ancestry kit (so I was totally surprised when he received it yesterday) completed it last night and has posted it off this morning. It will be very interesting to see his results! His family are a little bit of this and a little bit of that from around the world ethnically, so the ethnicity results should be interesting.  Also at present I have a number of brick walls that I would like to knock down in his trees and it would be wonderful if this helps me to do so 🤞🏻 We are both very aware though that it could just open up Pandora’s box instead and that I might need to scrap elements of my research for his trees and start again due to the results.  Let’s face it people are not always honest or ethical now so why should we expect previous generations to be any different 😮 😉