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Time can really get away from you!

It’s February 2020 already and I really didn’t expect to go this long between posts!  Life has been very busy and time definitely got away from me. I haven’t however been neglecting genealogy completely as I have been working away putting together all my research into one complete tree.  It is still a work in progress but progress has definitely been made at last!  I have also been trying to work out where my DNA matches fit in my trees which is proving interesting with 347 4th cousins or closer so far. Unlike my husbands and other results I manage, my results have not been updated at all and my ethnicity estimate still reads 81%  Ireland and Scotland and 19% England, Wales and Northwestern Europe. My husbands DNA results, which are now on their third update have been a little more interesting.  He has 168 4th cousin or closer matches so far.  Most of whom seem to come from his paternal line, which is great but it is going to take a lot of work to sort out as we know so little about t