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Off and on breaks!

It has been some time between posts lately, mainly due to life being full on with family commitments and health issues.  My fiftieth year has proved to be an interesting one, to say the least!  I broke my left ankle in late February, which slowed me down considerably (or so I thought at the time) and took longer than I thought it would to recover fully, but finally last month I was back to doing more things and ticking items off my very long to do list!  Then nearly two weeks ago I ended up with a tibial plateau fracture on my left leg after an accident involving a car and a metal fence with me pinned between the two.  I was extremely lucky to come away from that with just the fracture and bruising and am very grateful to still be around, as it could have easily been a different story.  As the fracture was not displaced I have not had to have surgery but I do have a rather uncomfortable ankle to groin leg brace with a 30 degree movement restriction and am non weight bearing for the ne…
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Old Family Photogragh: Mr and Mrs Donnelly

Today's family photograph is of my parents on their Wedding day in 1966.  Dad is no longer with us but love remains 💕

Sandgate Cemetery - Virtual Records Online

It has been very busy around here lately and so my blog has sadly taken a back seat for a couple of weeks!  Life has settled down again now and so I should be back researching and posting more often from now on!

While researching on Friday I discovered that Sandgate Cemetery in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia now has virtual online records with photographs.  As I have quite a few relatives buried in this cemetery and little chance of getting to it anytime soon this is a very much appreciated improvement. 😊

Among my family buried there are the following:

My Great Grandfather John Joseph Donnelly who sadly does not have a headstone yet!  is here.  More posts concerning him can be found here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

My Great Grandmother Bridget Donnelly nee Lambert is here. She was once engaged to Henry Lawson and a number of his works were inspired by her including 'The Free-Selector's Daughter'. More posts involving her can be found here, here, here, her…

Trove Tuesday: Attempt to commit a rape

Today's post involves the niece of my Step Great Great Grandfather Henry Inifer (see more on him here).  Margaret Inifer was born about 1859 in Victoria, Australia, the daughter of Henry's brother Isaac Inifer and his wife Hannah Isabella nee Doherty.

Source: CHEWTON POLICE COURT. (1875, September 10). Mount Alexander Mail (Vic. : 1854 - 1917), p. 2. Retrieved from
Transcript:CHEWTON POLICE COURT. Thursday, September 9, 1875. (Before Messrs Meredith, Barker and Weatherley.) Patrick McNamara surrendered to his bail on a charge of attempt to commit a rape on Margaret Inifer, a girl 16 years old.  Mr Leech appeared for the defence. Prosecutrix deposed that she left Chewton about one o'clock on Sunday last, in company with Mary Ann Kane.  They went to O'Brien's, at the Junction ; the prisoner overtook them on the road, near O'Brien's.  After leaving O'Brien's, about 4 o'clock, the prisoner again overtook them on…

Henry Inifer

Today's post involves my Great Great Grandmothers second husband Henry Inifer.  I believe that Henry was born the son of Isaac Inifer and his wife Margaret nee Sherdon in Essex, England about 1837.

1841 England CensusNameHenry Mifer  (transcription error should be Inifer) Age4 Estimated Birth Yearabt 1837 GenderMale Where bornEssex, England Civil parishBraintree HundredHinckford County/IslandEssex CountryEngland Registration districtBraintree Sub-registration districtBraintree Piece331 Book12 Folio40 Page number9 Household Members NameAge Isaac Mifer52 Margaret Mifer40 William Mifer17 Isaac Mifer14 John Mifer12 Sarah Mifer10 Benjamin Mifer8 Mary Mifer6 Henry Mifer4 Maria Mifer2
Source: 1841 England Census. Retrieved from
1851 England CensusNameHenry Inifer Age15 Estimated Birth Yearabt 1836 RelationSon Father's NameIsaac Inifer Mother's NameMargaret Inifer GenderMale Where bornBraintree, Essex, England Civil parishBraintree Phillimore Ecclesiastical Parish Maps2593 TownCoggeshall Coun…

New Old Family Photograph: Violet Martin nee Murray and her sons

Today’s photograph is another of the priceless treasures that Barbara Cooper was wonderful enough to send to us after reading my blog and getting in touch with me.  This is the only photograph I have seen of my husbands paternal Grandmother Violet Helen Marguerite Martin nee Murray together with her sons William A. James Martin (1929-1934), Ronald Kingsley George Martin (my husbands father) and Alan Edward Raymond Martin.  Violet was the Granddaughter of Baron Raimund Von Stillfried Rathenitz and his Japanese partner Nishiyama Haru through their daughter Helen (see more posts on this here, here and here). We are extremely grateful to Barbara and her Mother before her for keeping this photograph and the others safe and in such wonderful condition since the 1930’s, especially as everyone in the photograph is now deceased.  With William dying not long after this (see here) and Alan being raised by Violets sister Molly and her partner, the photograph is one which captures a precious momen…

Michael Reynolds - Ticket of Leave Passport

Today’s post involves my 5th Great Grandmother Mary Rhall nee Cassidy’s second husband Michael Reynolds.  Michael Reynolds was a convict who was transported to Australia with a life sentence and arrived on board the ship ‘Lord Sidmouth’ in 1821. More information on him can be found here.  He is also mentioned in previous posts here and here.

TICKET OF LEAVE PASSPORTNo. 44/586       28th August 1844. Name:  Michael Reynolds Ship:  Lord Sidmouth (2) Year of Arrival: 1821 Where Tried: Leitrim When Tried:  July 1820 Sentence: Life Ticket of Leave No. 42/1825 Allowed to . . . travel to Manero for the purpose of collecting stock for 12 months    On the recommendation of the Berrima Bench, dated 22 Aug 44 44/9038 Source: New South Wales, Australia, Tickets of Leave, 1810-1869 for Michael Reynolds.  Retrieved from